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Download the Lasertoast Trading Suite for your browser
and enhance your Ustocktrade™ experience

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Day Trader Focused UI

Hold a competitive advantage in the Day Trading market in the Ustocktrade user base


Smart order entry

Execute lightning fast orders by keeping your order entry fields up to date with current market values.


Customizable Hot Keys

Assign hot keys to execute dozens of preselected buy and sell strategies instantly.


Exit positions instantly

When a trade has turned against you, feel safe knowing you can exit your position quickly with the Panic Sell feature. This will automatically close out your open transactions and sell at current Market.


Strategy Analysis

Get an overview of your risk and profit potential given the current state of your transactions and strategies



Multiple transactions may need to be canceled before an order can be placed. When seconds matter, this can cost you big time. Enable the auto-confirmation option to really achieve optimal speed for your orders.


Works with UStocktrain

Practice your strategies and hot keys on UStocktrain before.jumping in on the real thing.

How much does it cost?

You can't put a price on saving precious seconds on your trades. But if you could, it would be more than this.


$ 5 /mo

Free Trial

7 days


$ 3 /mo
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